Decap 79mm Ultra Sonic Weldable Spout Closures

Decap 79mm All Plastic Ultrasonic Weldable Antigurgling Spout Closures.

New Design: Centralized Two Bail [Handle] lift pull out for better opening & closing.

Effective welding of closures directly to PE & PP lids through welding ring. Technology-Ultra Sonic Welding.

Lid Aperture Formation :

  • Fast production of lids as no profile needed just a simple hole
  • Completely leakage proof & tamper proof.
  • All plastic is 100% recyclable
  • Double bail centralized pull out handles [New]
  • High Profile Funnel
  • Tear Seal Diaphragm
  • Open & Close easy & unlimited times.
  • 100% food grade
  • All other benefits are like pull out spout closures.
  • Features

    Available in 3 types [Possible Application]

  • Standard for oil products [STD]]
  • Food grade for edible products [FG]
  • Irradiated & Fluorinated for strong chemicals & solvent [IRR]