Decap Crimp on Type Pull Out Spout Closures

Decap 63mm crimp on type pull out spout closures 4 piece. The size of decap plastic spout closures is available in various design & style.

Decap 63mm C.O STD: It is standard type 63mm crimp on spout closures suitable for metal pails, drums & plastic Pails/Buckets.

Decap 63mm C.O.A.G: It has all facilities like standard type but has an added very important advantage of anti gurgling feature due to which the air inflow in the container is allowed resulting in continuous uninterrupted dispensing of container.

Above both type of decap 63mm crimp on type spout closures comes with different type of top seals such as

  • Plastic easy tear top seal
  • Plastic solid seal top seal
  • [New] Aluminum foil printed in 4 color tamper proof top seal introduced in the world for the first time by decap closures. Fully tamper proof & multicolored printable for esthetic looks.