Decap 35mm Junior High Profile Spout Closures

Decap 35 H.P

First time introduced by DECAP CLOSURES 35mm junior spout closures with high profile & tear deal integrated in the closure for Tamper proof & consumer friendly. High profile is high funnel for dispensing & emptying where ever required without spillage, wastage.

Also tear seal provided to avoid any unhygienic sharp tools for piercing the cap making it non edible product so always use Decap food grade closures.

  • High Profile Funnel
  • Tear Seal Diaphragm
  • Open & Close easy & unlimited times.
  • 100% food grade
  • All other benefits are like pull out spout closures.

  • Features

    Available in 3 types [Possible Application]

  • Standard for oil products [STD]]
  • Food grade for edible products [FG]
  • Irradiated & Fluorinated for strong chemicals & solvent [IRR]