Insert Molding Spout Closures For Plastic Pails Buckets. Decap 63mm I.M:

This is new design for insert mouldable spout closures. Has to be insert in the lid mould while moulding. It has various benefits like Anti Gurgling, Tamper Evidence etc.

Pull Out Spout Closures For Plastic Jerry Cans/Bottles. Decap 51mm P.C

This spout closures is for plastic cans, bottles from 1 liter upto 5 liters with Tamper proof cap & long funnel to facilitate pouring wherever required in automobiles & motor bikes without any wastage & spillages.

Press Fit Type Spout Closure For Plastic Pails/Buckets. Decap 16 PF AG

This design is all plastic spout closures for plastic pails just need to press in the pial lid. It locks & become tamper evidence, anti gurgling feature is added for better smooth flow.

PFA 32mm Closures For Big Steel/Plastic Drums. Decap PFA 32mm

This variant has a unique facility of faucet attachment with3/4” faucet threads. It is crimp on type same like Decap Crimp On 63mm so same tool required to crimp this closures with drum mouth for controlled dispensing through faucet & no need to pump the content.

Tint PlugsDecap 50mm T.P [P] For plastic pails. Decap 50mm T.P [S] For steel pails, drum. Decap 50mm P.O Decap 50mm pull out spout closures for tint plug opening. Can fit in opening of tint plug in plastic pails as well as steel pails. Two handle centralized pull out for better dispensing has all benefits of pull out spout closures.